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A Meditation on the Faces of Circular Fashion Textile Research

publication descriptionConference Proceedings, Intersections, Loughborough University Jun 2017  (Co-authored with Rebecca Earley) 

Postcards from the edge: Trash-2-Cash communication tools used to support inter-disciplinary work towards a design driven material innovation (DDMI) methodology

IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 254 21200 2017 (Co-authored with Rebecca Earley)

What Else Do We Know? Exploring the application of design knowledge and skills for the circular economy beyond materials selection and design for production

Circular Transitions conference, UAL Nov 22, 2016

Materials Translators: observations from a study of sustainable materials information provision and design behaviour in London, UK

Sustainable Innovation 2013: Collaboration, Co-creation and new business models (conference proceedings)

Design & The Materials Cycle: an investigation into secondary material use in design practice

PhD Thesis: Kingston University 2010

A-Z of Sustainable Materials: Activating learning in sustainable design: using a hands-on materials workshop to engage students

The Higher Education Academy: Art Design Media Subject Centre June 2010 (online)

Are We The Tool? 

Nordes 2009 Engaging Artefacts: Nordic Design Research Conference

“Utilising waste plastic in Design Practice”

Essay in Plastics: Looking at The Future and Learning from The Past (2009) by Brenda Keneghan & Louise Egan (eds)

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