Dr Rosie Hornbuckle is a researcher and educator focusing on interdisciplinary communication for alternative scenarios of future design practice. Rosie’s current work is concerned with the role of design and communication practices in enabling the development and adoption of alternative, sustainable, solutions, for example in the adoption of material technologies that are less resource-intensive or technologies which open up new possibilities in healthcare development.

New technologies are interesting when they have the potential to change or disrupt the status quo, towards better lived experiences, and balanced natural eco-systems. Technologies are also interesting because they traverse between disciplinary silos; from science, to production, to use, to post-use, to secondary processes… in this space multi-disciplinary or multi-stakeholder understanding is essential. Methods of enabling communication, reconciling differences in culture and language, translating concepts, and mobilizing knowledge in order to foster mutual understanding is what defines Rosie’s research practice and evolving expertise.

Rosie is currently Research Fellow at University of the Arts London, working within the Centre for Circular Design (CCD) at Chelsea College of Arts and The Service Futures Design Research Group (SFDRG) at London College of Communication.


2020-2024 Herewear (EU H2020) https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101000632

Looking at Systemic Materials Innovation for regional bio-based circular systems for textiles.

2019-2021 Business of Fashion and Textile Technologies (Innovate UK) https://bftt.org.uk https://circulardesign.org.uk

Making a roadmap for Circular Synthetics, drawing on industry stakeholder insights to identify actions towards circular ‘renewable’ synthetic fibers, textiles and garments.

2018 – 2021 Pharma Factory (EU H2020) https://pharmafactory.org

Co-design for stakeholder and public engagement in the value of products from Plant Molecular Farming technologies.

2015 – 2018  Trash-2-Cash https://www.trash2cashproject.eu

Developing a methodology for design-driven material innovation; co-design; methods for multi-disciplinary collaboration; facilitating materials communication.

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