Current projects

Mutton Chair:

Exploring circular design through upholstery practice 

Exhibited at ‘Making Circles’, UAL Nov 2016


‘Mutton chair’ is an ongoing exploratory collaboration with furniture upholsterer Vicky Cable.  The aim is to investigate sustainable design practice and circular materials through an experimental collaborative research methodology.

Although materials were the starting point for this project, the research process soon raised questions about systemic issues, design activism and creating social value through making.  The project fulfilled its first purpose of providing practical steps for upholsterers to take in their everyday practice but also provided new insights around furniture design and use.  Through the work new directions for future practice and projects have emerged.

From a research perspective the collaboration offered three opportunities:

  • to apply circular materials theory to this unique meeting of soft and hard materials;
  • to explore the relationship between social wellbeing and sustainable making;
  • to trial an experimental research methodology that combine peer learning and mobile methods